How to Use Your iPhone to Look for Ghosts.

How to Use Your iPhone to Look for Ghosts.I used my phone to conduct a little paranormal research because it's spooky season.Using my iPhone, I ventured to a renowned haunted picnic table during a solar eclipse in search of ghosts because i...

Oct 27, 2023 - 19:00
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How to Use Your iPhone to Look for Ghosts.

How to Use Your iPhone to Look for Ghosts.

I used my phone to conduct a little paranormal research because it's spooky season.

Using my iPhone, I ventured to a renowned haunted picnic table during a solar eclipse in search of ghosts because it's almost Halloween, a time when the line between the living and the dead becomes thinner.

For paranormal research, there are countless "freemium" apps available, such as Spirit Board, Ghost Hunting Tools, and Ghost Detector: Radar Camera. Some people say they can detect EMF frequencies and use them to communicate with spirits. According to some, they "translate" background noise into ghostly speech. Certain people claim that they use the LIDAR sensors on your phone camera to locate ghosts. Some simply say, "Yes, we do see ghosts all around you.". "Although they are all marked "for entertainment purposes only," I was curious to find out if they genuinely function.

Entrepreneur, ghost-botherer, and inventor Thomas Edison.

Consider if you are any smarter than Thomas Edison before you dismissively dismiss the idea of communicating with ghosts via a smartphone. Following his invention of the phonograph and light bulb, Edison aspired to create a device that could facilitate communication with the afterlife.

"Since quite some time ago, I have been working on creating a device to investigate whether spirits from beyond the grave could still interact with us," Edison stated to The American Magazine in 1920. If this is ever accomplished, it will be via scientific methods rather than any occult, mystifying, mysterious, or unusual means—like those used by so-called mediums. ".

Half of Americans still believe in ghosts, despite the early 20th century spiritualism craze having passed a century ago. As Edison did, I'm not one of them, but I'm willing to consider the possibility, so I'm giving iPhone ghost hunting a fair trial.

How to use your iPhone to locate ghosts.

Since there isn't a standard procedure for finding ghosts—paranormal investigation is too esoteric and personal, or fake—I devised my own method and attempted to create the best possible environment for ghost hunting. This is what I carried out:.

Step 1: Obtain the necessary equipment.

It all starts with having the appropriate tools for the job when it comes to paranormal investigation and even simple home remodeling projects. The popular apps listed below are what I downloaded from the Apple store instead of the ghost hunting apps that marketed themselves as games.

Step 2: Arrive at the appropriate place.

Picnic table 29 in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, is a notorious haunted location for your investigation. Most ghost-hunting apps claim to help locate the ghosts around you, but I don't want to know if there are ghosts in my house—I have to live here.

The picnic table legend of haunted.

Legend has it that on a spooky Halloween night in 1976, Rand Garrett and Nancy Jeanson, a budding musician and actress, were exchanging vows on top of a picnic table in a secluded and forlorn area of Griffith Park. A large tree fell on the two just as things were improving for them, instantly killing them both. The families of the young lovers made the strange decision—it was the 1970s—to scatter their ashes at the location in hopes that the couple would always be together.

Ever since, reports have surfaced of paranormal resistance to any attempts to remove the tree or fix the table, including the mysterious disappearance of tree trimmers who were sent to tidy up the area and the presence of evil voices whispering things like "leave us be" or "next time, you'll die.".

Beyond the fact that a pine tree did, in fact, fall onto this picnic table at some point, I am unable to locate any evidence that any of this actually occurred. Nevertheless, the location continues to attract the morbid and curious, who leave messages and notes honoring the young couple.

This location is genuinely eerie. If you're brave enough to visit Griffith Park, here's a map to the haunted picnic table.

Step 3: Select the appropriate moment.

Although you might assume that Halloween night would be the ideal time to speak with Nancy and Rand's ghosts, if ghosts follow the same patterns forever, this would be the worst time to annoy the spectral lovers (plus, you can't be in the park at that hour).

I therefore decided to speak with Nancy and Rand at 9:23 a.m. me. 31 Oct. 14, 2023, right before a solar eclipse began to darken the sky. The sun's shadow serves as a spiritual beacon during an eclipse, beckoning the wandering dead back to Earth and igniting the spirits of the living. (I made up the whole thing about the eclipse acting as a beacon in the tradition of paranormal investigation, but it sounds good, doesn't it?).

I looked through Ghost Hunting Tools for any last-minute guidance from the afterlife before heading out. I give it some time to scan my house for electronic voice phenomena while I translate the ghostly speech into English. "Bail" and "Warning" were spoken by an ostensibly amiable ghost. Not to be taken lightly, I headed for the haunted picnic table after receiving my message from The Beyond.

As I got closer to the picnic table in the park's remote corner, my expectations were high. It's close to Mount Hollywood's summit, where driving is prohibited, so getting there needs a fairly arduous bike ride or hike. This safeguards the unsettling seclusion required for ghost-hunting. This is an eerie place, even without an app, as evidenced by the cards, flowers, and candles that people have left behind.

Before the eclipse, I activated my GhostDetector: Spirit Radar app and waited for the spirits to manifest and the sky to grow gloomy. I must admit that the anticipation was a little unsettling. However, nothing transpired when the eclipse occurred. My reader's EMF fields did not increase at all. There were no ghosts to be seen. I could not even see the sky because of the mountains and trees, so even though the eclipse was supposed to be slightly darker, it was not.

I downloaded some other ghost hunting apps, but I didn't get any luck with them either. The needles or gauges that were not specified would occasionally move, but not in a way that made sense to me. I therefore sat quietly for a while while I let Ghost Hunting Tools capture the background noise from the picnic table. "Reference Fade Market Steel Cord Incorporate Fork Negative," the "ghosts" declared. ".

One issue I found with the ghost-hunting apps I tried was that they lacked instructions. All they are, in essence, are sets of animated needles labeled "aura" that appear to move at random over measures. To interpret their results in any way would require a lot of effort.

Before long, three other lay paranormal investigators arrived. They told me they had tried to look into Rand and Nancy's deaths but had not been able to find any credible accounts, even though they were clueless about how their apps operated. Not a hint that this was all a myth, but rather something really eerie, was how they saw it. I started to say that the wooden picnic table would have long since decayed if it had truly been struck by a tree in 1976, but I quickly changed my mind because I didn't want to ruin my new friends' morning.

4. Try it once more.

Given that ghosts dislike hiking and that no one had truly died at the picnic table, it's possible that there were no ghosts there. I am aware, however, that someone passed away here.

Above is the Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery in North Hollywood's Portal of the Folded Wing. The cremains of many famous figures in aviation history, including dirigible pilot Augustus Roy Knabenshue and pilot Walter Richard Brookins, who flew with the Wright Brothers, are kept in this memorial honoring dead aviators, which was constructed in 1924. The ironicest plane crash in history occurred there as well.

The Portal of the Folded Wings' dome was struck by a twin-Piper Navajo that had just taken off from the adjacent Burbank airport on July 18, 1969. Instantaneous death occurred for both the pilot and one passenger.

That ghosts had to be around, surely. No, though. I was at the location of two confirmed deaths and practically surrounded by the dead in their graves, but my ghost apps gave me no lead. Not even "Mayday Plane Down" or anything similar emerged in the EVP readings. Only more meaningless babble and nonstop ads for solitaire games. The sense that I'd been duped was beginning to surface.

The results of my final investigation show that I have, sort of, found a ghost.

I attempted ghost hunting at my house as well, much to my family's disapproval. Inside the detectors seemed just a little bit livelier than outside. No meaningful readings occurred when I showed them around my opulent estate.

Before I gave up completely, I downloaded this EMF detector that didn't seem to be ghost-based. My living room's corner spiked the gauge with this app, burying the needle to the right. At last, an outcome! The apps I attempted to use for ghost hunting did not display a comparable increase. Still, whatever. There is evidence of the paranormal—a ghost.

The high EMF area is around my stereo speaker, according to skeptics, and the closer I bring it to the magnet inside the speaker, the higher the reading. Maybe, though, I have discovered a ghost who enjoys music a lot.

It's concerning that none of the applications I had downloaded allowed me to register a real EMF field. Perhaps, though, they have advanced software that distinguishes between normal EMF fields and spectral occurrences. Or perhaps there's nothing at all to ghost hunting applications.

In conclusion, my iPhone was unable to locate ghosts.

A bizarre semi-seance that Thomas Edison conducted at his Menlo Park laboratory in the 1920s was covered in the October 1933 issue of Modern Mechanix magazine. In this version, Edison assembled a group of scientists, mediums, and psychics on a gloomy, windy evening, and he unveiled a device that shot a focused beam of light into a photoelectric cell connected to a meter that recorded any variations—the Edison Ghost Phone!

According to legend, Edison had all of the mediums make contact with the afterlife so he could use his device to watch and record anything unearthly that passed through the room. If any ghosts showed up, they would undoubtedly break the light beam. Edison never disclosed the experiment's findings, but all indications point to its failure—not even with one of the greatest inventors in history in charge.

Nothing mystical, anyhow. Edison and his friends enjoyed a spooky evening of entertainment, entertaining the notion that there might be more to the world than meets the eye while hanging out with mediums. My experiment was the same way. I visited an aviation memorial, went to a really cool, eerie location in Griffith Park, and made some weird but friendly friends, but I didn't find ghosts. In conclusion, even though I was unable to locate ghosts using any iPhone apps, it's possible that the friends we meet along the journey are the true ghosts.


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